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Cytokines    S-size starting from 39 €, M-size starting from 49 €, L-size starting from 129 €


On this site you can find the following:

rec IT-Box
rec human
rec human Biotin-conjugated
rec mouse
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***Relaunched recombinant human  IT-Box-System now available ***
Human IT-box with 75 small-sized recombinant cytokines at the moment-
IT-Box cy75h+ 

The price is 1199 EUR.



For the following cytokines:
S-size starting from 29€, M-size starting from 49€, L-size starting from 119€, XL-size starting from 459€ plus further discount for XXL-sizes
rh Activin A, rh BAFF/CD257, BDNF, rh beta NGF, rh BMP-2, rh CCL2, rh CCL3, rh CCL5, rh CCL7, rh CCL8, rh CCL11,  rh CCL13, rh CCL17, rh CCL18, rh CCL20, rh CCL21, rh CCL24, rh CNTF, rh CTGF, rh CTLA4, rh CXCL1, rh CXCL2, rh CXCL2, rh CXCL3, rh CXCL4V1, rh CXCL5, rh CXCL7, rh CXCL8, rh CXCL10, rh CXCL11, rh CXCL12a, rh CXCL12b, rh ENA78, rh Eotaxin, rh Eotaxin-2, rh Exodus-2, rh FGF-a/FGF-1, rh FGF-b/FGF-2, rh FGF-10, rh FGF-19, rh Flt3L/CD135, rh GAL-1, rh GAL-3, rh GAL-7 His, rh G-CSF, rh GDNF, rh GH, rh GM-CSF, rh GROalpha, rh GRObeta, rh GROgamma, rh HGF, rh HRGa1, rh HRGb1, rh IFNa1b, rh IFNa2a, rh IFNa2b, rh IFNl1a, rh IFNgamma, rh IFNW1, rh IGF-1, rh IGF-2, rh IL-1alpha/IL1F1, rh IL-1beta/IL1F2, rh IL-1RA/IL1F3 rh IL-2, rh IL-3, rh-IL-4, rh IL-5, rh IL-6, rh IL-7, rh IL-8/1-77aa, rh IL-9, rh IL-10, rh IL-11, rh IL-12, rh IL-13, rh IL-15, rh IL-17, rh IL-17F, rh IL-19, rh IL-20, rh IL-21, rh IL-22, rh IL-31, rh IP-10, rh ITAC, rh KGF, rh KGF-2, rh LIF, rh MCP-1, rh MCP-2, rh MCP-3, rh MCP-4, rh M-CSF, rh MIA, rh MIP-1alpha, rh MIP-3alpha, rh MIP-3beta, rh MIP-4, rh NAP-2, rh NGFbeta, rh NRG-1a, rh NRG-1b, rh OSM209a.a., rh PDGF-AA, rh PDGF-BB, rhPF4V1, rh PRL, rh sRANKL/CD254, rh Rantes, rh sCD40L/CD154, rh SCF, rh SDF-1a, rh SDF-1b, rh TARC, rh TFF-3, rh TGFbeta3, rh TNFalpha,  rh TRAIL/CD253, rh TSLP, rh VEGF-A/VEGF-165, rh VEGF121
mouse: m beta NGF, rm CCL2, rm CCL3, rm CCL4, rm CCL8, rm CCL11, rm CCL19, rm CCL20, rm CCL24, rm CXCL1, rm CXCL2, rm CXCL5, rm CXCL10, rm CXCL12a, rm CXCL12b, rm ENA78, rm FGF-a/FGF-1, rm FGF-b/FGF-2, rm FGF-9, rm Flt3L/CD135, rm G-CSF, rm GM-CSF, rm IFNgamma, rm IGF-1, rm IL-1a/IL1F1, rm IL-1b/IL1F2, rm IL-1RA/IL-1F3, rm IL-2, rm IL-3, rm IL-4, rm IL-6, rm IL-7, rm IL-10, rm IL-13, rm IL-15, rm IL-16, rm IL-17A, rm IL-17C, rm IL-17E, rm IL-17F, rm IL-19, rm IL-20, rm IL-21, rm IL-22, rm IL-25, rm IL-27,  rm IL-31, rm KC, rm LIF, rm LIX, rm MCP-1, rm M-CSF, rm MIP-1a, rm PDGF-AA, rm PDGF-BB, rm sRANKL/CD254, rm SCF, rm sCD40L/CD154, rm SDF-1a, rm SDF-1b, rm TNFalpha, rm TPO, rm VEGF-A

rat: rr CXCL12a, rr FGF-b/FGF-2, rr GM-CSF, rr IFNgamma, rr IL-1a/IL1F1, rr IL-4, rr IL-6, rr IL-10, rr IL-22, rr SCF, rr SDF-1a, rr TNFalpha, rr VEGF-A
porcine: rp GM-CSF,


Here the complete range of cytokines


human: 4-1BBL/CD137L, 4-1BBR/CD137, Acitivin A active, Activin A, Activin B active, Acrp30 HEK, APO2Ligand/CD253, AREG, Artemin, BAFF/CD257, BAFF-R/CD268, BCA-1, BD-1, BD-2, BD-4, BDNF, beta-NGF, BMP-2, BMP-4 active, BMP-7CHO, BMP-14 active, BMPR1A/CD292, BNP, BRAK, BTC, CCL1, CCL2, CCL3, CCL4, CCL5, CCL7, CCL8, CCL11, CCL13, CCL15, CCL16, CCL17, CCL18, CCL19, CCL20, CCL21, CCL22, CCL23, CCL24, CCL25, CCL28, CD95L/CD178, CNTF, CRP, CTGF, CTLA-4/CD152, CXCL1, CXCL2, CXCL3, CXCL4, CXCL4 Variant1, CXCL5, CXCL7, CXCL8, CXCL10, CXCL11, CXCL12a, CXCL12b, CXCL13, CXCL14, EGF, EGF-pichia, EG-VEGF, EMAP-II, ENA-78, Eotaxin, Eotaxin-2, EPGN, EPO-A, ErbB-3/Her3, EREG, Exodus-2, FASLG/CD178, FGF-acidic/FGF-1, FGF-basic/FGF-2, FGF-7, FGF-8, FGF-10, FGF-inducible 14, FGF-19, FGF-23, FGF-23HisTag, Flt3L/CD135, FST, G-CSF, GAL-1, GAL-3, GAL-7 His, GDF-5 active, GDF-8, GDNF, GH, GM-CSF, GRO-alpha, GRO-beta, GRO-gamma, Heregulin-alpha1, Heregulin-beta1, HGF, I-309, IFNalpha1b, IFNalpha2a, IFNalpha2b, IFNbeta1a, IFNbeta1b, IFN-gamma,  IFNW1, IGFBP-1, IGFBP-3, IGFBP-4, IGF-I, IGF-II, IL1F1, IL1F2, IL1F3, IL1F6, IL1F7, IL1F8, IL1F9, IL1F9 (152a.a.), IL1F10, IL-1alpha, IL-1beta, IL-1RA, IL-2, IL-2 Biotin, sIL-2R/CD25, IL-3, IL-3 Biotin, IL-4, IL-4 Biotin, IL-5, IL-6, IL-6 Biotin, sIL-6R/CD126, IL-7, IL-8(1-77a.a.), IL-9, IL-10, IL-11, IL-12HEK, IL-12Bp40, IL-13, IL-13V, IL-15, IL-16, IL-17/IL-17A, IL-17B, IL-17F, IL-19, IL-20, IL-21, IL-22, IL-23A, IL-24, IL-27A/IL27p28, IL-28A, IL-29, IL-31, IL-32A, IL-36A, IL-36B, IL-36G, IL-36G(152a.a.), IL-37, IP-10, I-TAC, KGF, KGF-2, LEC, Leptin, LIF, LTN, MCP-1, MCP-2, MCP-3, MCP-4, M-CSF, MDC, MEC, MIA, MIF active, MIP-1alpha, MIP-1beta, MIP-2alpha, MIP-2G, MIP-3, MIP-3alpha, MIP3-beta, MIP-4, MIP-5, Myostatin Propeptide, Myostatin, NAP-2, NGF-beta, Noggin, NRG-1a, NRG-1b, NT-3, NT-4, OSM, OSM209a.a., PDGF-AA, PDGF-BB, PF4, PF4 Variant1, PL, PLGF-1, PLGF-2, PRL, PRL-R, sRANKL/CD254, Rantes, Resistin, sCD40L/CD154, SCF, SCF Biotin, SDF-1a, SDF-1b, SHH, TARC, TECK, TFF-1, TFF-2, TFF-3, TGF-beta1, TGF-beta2, TGF-beta3, TNF-alpha, TNF-beta, TNFR/CD120b, TNFRSF10B/CD262, TNFRSF12A/CD266, TNFRSF13C/CD268, TNFSF6/CD178, TNFSF15, TPO, TRAIL/CD253, TRAIL-R2/CD262, TSLP, VCC1, VEGF-121, VEGF-A,  VEGF-C, VEGF-D, VEGF-E (Orf Virus), VEGF-EG, VEGFR2/CD309, VEGI, XCL1



human Biotin-conjugated: rh IL-2 Biotin, rh IL-3 Biotin, rh IL-4 Biotin, rh IL-6 Biotin, rh SCF Biotin



mouse: rm Acrp30 HEK, rm BD-1, rm BD-2, rm BD-3, m beta-NGF, rm BRAK, rm C10, rm CCL2, rm CCL3, rm CCL4, rm CCL5, rm CCL6, rm CCL8, rm CCL9/10, rm CCL11, rm CCL19, rm CCL20, rm CCL22, rm CCL24, rm CCL27, rm CCL28, rm CTACK, rm CX3CL1, rm CXCL1, rm CXCL2, rm CXCL4, rm CXCL5, rm CXCL9, rm CXCL10, rm CXCL12a, rm CXCL12b, rm CXCL14, rm EGF, rm HB-EGF, rm ENA-78, rm Eotaxin, rm Eotaxin-2, rm FGF-acidic/FGF-1, rm FGF-basic/FGF-2, rm FGF-7, rm FGF-8, rm FGF-9, rm FGF-18, rm FKN, rm Flt3L/CD135, rm G-CSF, rm GM-CSF, rm GRO-alpha, rm GRO-beta, rm HB-EGF, rm IFN-gamma, rm IFN-lambda, rm IGF-I, rm IL1F1, rm IL1F2, rm IL1F3, rm IL1F5, rm IL1F8, rm IL1F11, rm IL1RA, rm IL-1alpha, rm IL-1beta, rm IL-2, rm IL-3, rm IL-4, rm IL-5, rm IL-6, rm IL-7, rm IL-9, rm IL-10, rm IL-11, rm IL-13, rm IL-15, rm IL-16, rm IL-17/IL-17A, rm IL-17C, rm IL-17E, rm IL-17F, rm IL-19, rm IL-20, rm IL-21, rm IL-22, rm IL-25, rm IL-27A(IL-27/p28), rm IL-28B, rm IL-31, rm IL-33, rm IL-36B, rm IL-36RN, rm IP-10, rm KC, rm KGF, rm LIF, rm LIX, rm M-CSF,   rm MCP-1, rm MCP-2, rm MCP-5, rm MDC, rm MEC, rm MK, rm MIG, rm MIP-1alpha, rm MIP-1beta, rm MIP-1G, rm MIP-2alpha, rm MIP-2G, rm MIP-3alpha, rm MIP-3beta, rm NEGF-2, m NGF-beta, rm Noggin, rm NT3, rm PDGF-AA, rm PDGF-BB, rm PF4, rm sRANKL/CD254, rm Rantes, rm sCD40L/CD154, rm SCF, rm SDF-1alpha, rm SDF-1beta, rm SHH, rm TNF-alpha,  rm TPO, rm VEGF-A, rm VEGF-Sf9



recombinant receptors:
human:  CD25/sIL-2R, CD120b /rh TNFR, CD126 /rh sIL-6R, CD135 /rh Flt3L, CD137 /rh 4-1BBR, CD152 /rh CTLA-4, CD154 /rh sCD40L, CD178/rh FALSG, CD253 /rh TRAIL, CD254 /rh sRankl, CD257 /rh BAFF, CD262 / rh TNFRSF10B, CD266/rh TNFRSF12A, CD268/ rh BAFF-R, CD292/BMPR1A, CD309/rh VEGFR2,
rh PRL-Receptor
mouse: CD135 /rm Flt3L, CD154 /rm sCD40L, CD254 /rm sRankl



rat:rr BD-1, rr BD-3, rr BD-4, rr CCL2, rr CCL5, rr CNTF, rr CX3CL1, rr CXCL12a, rr CXCL12b, rr FGF-a/FGF-1, rr FGF-b/FGF-2, rr FKN, rr GM-CSF, rr GMFB, rr IFN-gamma, rr IL1F1, rr IL1F2, rr IL1F11, rr IL-1alpha, rr IL-1beta, rr IL-2, rr IL-3, rr IL-4, rr IL-5, rr IL-6, rr IL-10, rr IL-12, rr IL-13, rr IL-15, rr IL-17, rr IL-21, rr IL-22, rr IL-33, rr Leptin, rr MCP-1, rr M-CSF, rr Rantes, rr SCF, rr SDF-1a, rr SDF-1b, rr TNFalpha, rr VEGF-A, rr VEGF-C



bovine: rb BTC, rb FGF-b/FGF-2, rb GH


porcine: rp GH, rp GM-CSF, rp HGF, rp IFN-gamma, rp IL1F1, rp IL-1alpha, rp IL-2, rp IL-4, rp TNFalpha


canine: rc IL-3


equine: req CXCL8, req IL1F1, req IL1F3, req IL-1a,  req IL-1RA, req IL-2, req IL-3, req IL-4, req IL-5, req IL-6, req IL-8, req IL-10, req IL-15, req IL-17A, req TNF-alpha, req TSLP


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